Printed Services

Designotype Printers, Inc. is a full service printer, which means we can do just about anything. In addition to printing, we provide the following services to help you complete your project.

Bindery & Finishing Services

Bindery & Finishing Services



Collating is the process of gathering individual pages, covers, and inserts and assembling those elements into a final product.

Copiers can collate automatically, but did you know that we can quickly and efficiently collate other items, too? Our high-speed collating equipment can bring together all the elements of your project, saving you the time it would take to hand-collate the project. The next time you have a big project that requires collating, keep us in mind - we make it so easy, you'll never want to hand-collate again.


When you need high-speed folding, you've come to the right place. Our bindery/finishing department provides many different options for folding. Our high-speed folding machines can fold at speeds exceeding 5,000 sheets per hour. Many different folding formats are available, and for more unique folding jobs, we also offer several hand-folding options.

We can provide unlimited quantities of folded materials for your special printed projects.

Hole Drilling

It sounds a little funny, but we're experts at drilling holes. We have powerful hydraulic paper drilling machines that feature many different sizes of paper drills and enable us to position the hole just about anywhere on the sheet of paper. Just remember to allow 1/2 an inch of extra margin for three-hole drilling along the side of the sheet of paper.

Here's an interesting note: Did you know studies have shown that people tend to save printed items longer if they are three-hole drilled? Marketing experts think that subconsciously we tend to feel like we need to put a three-hole drilled sheet into a ring binder or save it for future reference.


Simply put, laminating prolongs the life of your printed projects. How?

  • Increases durability
  • Preserves colors
  • Enables your projects to withstand moisture
  • And protects your projects from fingerprints, abrasions, and smudges.
In addition to the many ways it preserves your projects, laminating also has the power to revolutionize your presentations by allowing for hassle-free display of your documents under a variety of conditions. Plus, the glossy finish gives your projects a professional look that you can be proud of.

Next time you want to add a little something extra to your printing, let us laminate your printed projects for you!


Many carbonless forms and invoices require sequential numbering. Numbering is an inexpensive and effective way to maintain accurate records and improve organization.

We can number a variety of papers and sheet sizes. Choose from black or red ink, as well as descending or ascending numbers on most printed projects.

Paper Cutting

We have very sophisticated, computerized, digital paper cutters that are extremely fast and accurate.

Our commercial paper cutters feature high-pressure hydraulic clamps to prevent paper shifting and razor-sharp carbon steel blades to guarantee the most precise cuts.


Perforating a printed form can create an easy-to-remove response card, coupon, or customer feedback form.

Our wide variety of perforating blades gives you flexibility when designing pieces that need to separate effortlessly. We can also design pieces that can stand up to the rigors of post office mailing equipment without pulling apart.

Our highly trained and knowledgeable staff will happily offer suggestions and solutions for your perforating needs.

Shrink Wrapping

We use high-quality shrink wrap materials to provide you with an attractive and secure method of bundling larger quantities of printed materials. Our versatile shrink wrap process uses semi-automatic equipment to meet high-volume demands without compromising quality. We can shrink wrap materials as small as a business card and as large as 11 x 17 posters.


A great solution instead of scotch tape. 2 tabs are generally used when mailing brochures or booklets.

Mailing Services

Mailing Services


Database Management

Keeping your mailing list organized and up-to-date can be challenging. Let us manage and maintain it for you. We'll store your customer data securely in our database—updating it, weeding out bad addresses, and ensuring its accuracy every time.


Whether a simple, one-page sales letter in an envelope or a multi-piece marketing kit (letter, several brochures, training CD, reply form, etc.), Designotype can put it all together for you accurately.

Personalization, Addressing and Labeling

Personalization can play a key role in the success of your direct mail marketing campaigns. Even something as simple as a personalized headline or greeting can have a significant impact on response.

Once we print your mailer, we can personalize it as we address it.

Prefer address labels instead? We can do that, too. We'll print from your address list, or sort it with our Mailing Program and add features that will save you postage.

Postage Discounts at Designotype Printers, Inc.

The Post Office offers significant discounts for volume business mailings and nonprofit organizations. These discounts can significantly reduce the cost of postage at your company.

Presorted mail that is sorted by ZIP code and imprinted with a barcode prior to delivery to the post office will save you money.

When you work with Designotype Printers, you can be sure you'll receive the lowest postage rates and the best possible delivery times. We have the ability to take your mailing piece from design through delivery to the post office.

Save significant time—and hassles—when you let us manage the entire print and mail process for you.

Postal Presorting

Save money on postage and speed delivery time with our mail presorting services.

Our advanced mail presort technology lets us barcode and presort your mail according to 3 and 5 digit ZIP code. Presorted mail is easier and faster for the USPS to process. The ease of processing allows the Postal Service to charge you less postage. Whether it's first-class or standard mail, we get you the best possible postage rates.

Once sorted by ZIP, the mail is put into trays and presented to the USPS for mailing at a discounted rate on your behalf.

Post Office Delivery

When your mailing is completed, you are welcome to pick it up at our office, or we can deliver it directly to the post office for you. We are experts at completing USPS paperwork (which is often complicated and confusing), and we have a lot of experience working with the bulk mail department at the post office.

Allowing us to handle your mailing project from concept to post office delivery is a smooth, one-step process that saves you time, money, and stress.

Tab Sealing

One or two tabs, sometimes called wafer seals, are a USPS requirement that must be applied to all self-mailers.

Choose clear, paper, or customized tabs to complement the design of your mailing piece.

X-date Fulfillment

Need your mailer to go out on a specific date? Just let us know, and we'll make sure it gets printed in time, then work with the Postal Service to ensure it's distributed on the date you request.

Marketing Services

Marketing Services


Branding & Marketing Management

Let US help YOU look your BEST!

We can help you design your logo and brand.
We will make sure your image matches in both print and digital form. We will ensure your business checks, pens, envelopes, business cards, flyers, promotional items, etc. all match and present the best of your business and brand.

Call today for your FREE Consultation 906-482-2424!

Direct Mailing Campaign Management

Did you know Direct Mail Marketing is 70% more likely to be recalled by a customer than digital marketing?

We will help you design, print, and mail your next Direct Mail Campaign. We can discuss marketing strategies together and set markers that will track campaign success. Whether using QR Codes, Coupon Codes, Tear Away Coupons or targeted service and product marketing.

Call today for your FREE Consultation 906-482-2424!

New Business Marketing Consultation

Get off to the right foot with your new business!

Let US help YOU look your BEST!

We will make sure your truck vinyl, yard signs, letterhead, envelopes, business cards, flyers, promotional items, signage, etc. all match and present the best of your business and brand.

Call today for your FREE Consultation 906-482-2424!

We will make a plan for success together!

Trade Show/Event Preperation

We can help you get ready for your next trade show or event.

Let US help YOU look your BEST!
We will make sure your business cards, flyers, promotional items, pens, tote bags, apparel etc all match and present the best of your business and brand.

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graphic design services designotype printers

Graphic Design Services


Graphic Design

Margaret is skilled at creating attention-getting brochures, sell sheets, booklets, manuals, and newsletters. She also specializes in the creation of organized business forms and all types of workplace documents.

She is an experienced, professional graphic designer and computer artist who knows how to use her creative abilities to improve the look of your printed projects and help you make a great impression.

Logo Design

If you want to look professional, you need a professional logo. When you work with Designotype Printers, your logo becomes your property. Choose from 3 levels of logo design from basic to a CD complete with every format you'll ever need.

Creative Writing

Think of your customer when writing your ad or brochure copy. If you need help, come in for a consult. We'll write down all the features of your product or service, and turn them into benefits.

Need an overhaul on an outdated brochure? We're always ready for a challenge.

Stop in soon.

Newsletter Design & Content

No time to dig up articles for a monthly newsletter?

Newsletter content is one of our specialties, and we can provide you with material that is researched, written well, and suited to your publication.

Your newsletter can then be designed and saved as a template so you can take over the task, or we can fill it in monthly, bimonthly, or quarterly for you to stay in touch with your clients and prospects.


While software spellcheckers catch many simple mistakes, poor spelling and punctuation can hurt your professional image.

Your projects are always proofed when we do the typing. If you bring in a print ready project, we're happy to proof it for you. Just ask!

Printing & Copying Services

Printing & Copying Services


B&W Digital Printing

Copies from 10 to 10,000 in single sheets, or drilled, stapled, folded, or in book or booklet form…

You'll look good with high-quality images produced on our high-speed equipment!

Color Printing

Studies have repeatedly shown that full-color printed materials are more "influential" and promote higher response rates than two-color or black-and-white materials.

Adding color will increase the perceived value of your product or service when done expertly. If you're considering moving up to full-color printing, give us a call. We look forward to putting our knowledge to work for you.

Book(let) Binding

Book(let) Binding


Book Binding

You have many options to choose from when we bind your booklets, reports, presentations, manuals, books or catalogs.

Here are some of the more popular binding services we offer.

  • Saddle stitched - Ideal for projects with 8 to 48 pages. 2 staples on the fold bind the pages together.

  • Spiral or coil binding - Round plastic coils used for books that you need to lay flat when opened. Durable and strong, this binding method is often used for documents that need to be mailed.

  • Comb binding - The classic round plastic bindings used for books up to 400 pages. Pages can be added or removed easily.

  • Wire O or double loop binding - Wire-bound materials can look extremely creative when a colorful wire is used. Pages will lay flat when book is opened.

  • Perfect binding - The type of binding used on paperback books.

  • Stapled - We use a machine to apply the staple in the corner of a sheaf of papers to hold them together firmly.

  • We also provide printed or plain covers, clear acetate covers, and other types of bindings for specialty projects.

Comb Binding

Comb binding is one of the many ways to secure pages together into a book. This method utilizes round plastic spines, 19 rings, and a hole puncher that makes rectangular holes. Comb binding is sometimes referred to as plastic-comb binding or spiral-comb binding, too. Our printing firm has a large variety of different-sized comb bindings, ranging from 3/16 of an inch (for 10 sheets of 20# paper) up to 2 inches (for 400 sheets of 20 pound paper). We can also provide a variety of different colors to enhance the appearance of your project.

Coil Binding

Coil binding, also known as spiral binding, is a commonly used bookbinding style for creating documents, reports, presentations, and proposals. This binding style is known by a number of names, including spiral coil, color coil, ez-coil, plastic coil, spiral binding, plastikoil and coilbind. Documents bound with spiral coil have the ability to open flat on the desk or table and offer 360° rotation for easier note-taking. Spiral-coil-bound spines are available in more colors and sizes than other binding styles. Please call us to learn about the many options we have available.

Perfect Binding

Perfect binding provides a result similar to that of a paperback book. The phone directory on your desktop is a common example. National Geographic would be another. At our printing firm, we get many requests to bind software manuals, instruction manuals, and many varieties of soft-covered books using perfect binding. We print the heavy-duty covers separately and attach them at the spine with a strong, flexible glue. We then trim the books on three sides to make them look clean and professional.


Stapling is one of the simplest – and most effective – methods of binding used today. In addition to stapling loose sheets together through the front of the page, we can saddle-stitch (staple through the spine) magazines and other multi-page items such as catalogs, annual reports, and newsletters.

Saddle-stitching is a sturdy, durable, and attractive binding option. The number of pages our saddle-stitching equipment can bind together varies depending on the weight of the paper used, but the results are the same every time: nice, clean, and professional.

Wire Binding

Wire binding is one of the most popular commercial bookbinding methods used in business today. Known by a number of different names, including spiral notebook binding, twin loop wire, Wire-o, and double loop wire, wire-bound materials can look extremely creative when a colorful wire is used. We offer several different processes of wire binding. Although it is difficult to add or delete pages once a document has been wire-bound, almost everyone agrees that wire-bound documents look very, very nice.